Benchmarks: Sleeping Dogs, Battlefield 4

The overclocked GTX 970 SLI cards delivered a breathtaking 89fps at 2560x1600 in Sleeping Dogs, but at 3840x2160 we received less than half that with just 41fps. This was still enough to beat the overclocked R9 290s by a 24% margin.

When not overclocking, you can expect 23% more performance from the GTX 970s as they delivered a playable 37fps.

Sleeping Dogs' frame time data matches the performance trends seen when looking at the frames per second data.

The overclocked GTX 970 SLI cards averaged just 38fps in Battlefield 4 at 3840x2160, which was the same frame rate delivered by the non-overclocked R9 290s, making the former 10% slower.

Again we find that the frame time results match the frame rate performance.