Benchmark: 1680x1050

With the ultra-quality settings enabled, high-end GPUs such as the GTX 980 and R9 290X had no trouble breaking 60fps at 1680x1050. Interestingly, the GTX 980 was just 7% faster than the R9 290X.

For an average of 60fps, the GTX Titan, GTX 970 or HD 7970 GHz, R9 280X are required and if you can settle for just under that, the GTX 780 and HD 7970 will do the trick.

Dragon Age: Inquisition plays well with an average of 40fps and for that you'll only need an R9 270X. Oddly, however, if you own a Nvidia GPU then a GTX 680 is required for just 42fps while the GTX 770 managed 47fps.

Other popular Nvidia cards such as the GTX 760 averaged just 38fps while the GTX 660 Ti delivered just 34fps, 1fps faster than the R7 265.