Benchmarks: PCMark 8

With less than 3% separating the fastest SSD from the slowest in PCMark 8, we wouldn't place too much weight on these scores.

The entire PCMark 8 storage benchmark was completed 17% faster with the Samsung SSD 850 Evo when compared to the 840 Evo. The 850 Evo was also 10% faster than the Crucial MX100.

The Samsung SSD 850 Evo received a storage bandwidth rating of 291.3MB/s which was 37% higher than that of the 840 Evo and on par with the Crucial MX100.

The PCMark 8 World of Warcraft test shows a ~1 second performance difference between the fastest and slowest SSDs, so no exciting results here.

The Adobe Photoshp heavy test saw the Samsung SSD 850 Evo improve on the 840 Evo time by 10 seconds which again made it one of the fastest SSDs tested.