Benchmarks: Far Cry & Unreal Tournament 3

It has been a long time since we ripped out Far Cry for a round of benchmarks, but we thought the Radeon HD 3650 warranted bringing it back. Using the game's maximum visual quality settings the Viper Radeon HD 3650 1GB just fell short of the ideal 60fps mark at 1440x900. Even so, Far Cry was released just over 4 years ago now and you would really expect any current generation graphics card to be able to play it in all of its glory. The more expensive Radeon HD 3850 churned out over 130fps on average.

Unreal Tournament 3 is about as low-end friendly as today’s games get. That said, the Diamond Viper Radeon HD 3650 1GB was only able to manage 36.5fps at 1440x900 using medium quality settings. A nearly identical Gigabyte Radeon HD 3650 that uses less memory (512MB) was significantly faster, particularly at 1440x900. We were stunned by these results.