Benchmarks: AS SSD Benchmark

The Intel SSD 750 Series 1.2TB peaked at 2218MB/s in AS SSD Benchmark's sequential read test, which was 16% faster than Samsung's newcomer, though the SM951 was roughtly 4x faster than the SSD 850 Pro.

The SM951 had its way with Intel's SSD 750 Series when measuring sequential read performance, this time reaching 1.5GB/s for a 20% lead.

This is another test where the lack of NVMe hurt the SM951 as it was limited to 686MB/s or roughly half as fast as the SSD 750 Series. That said, the SM951 is still twice as fast as the quickest SATA 6Gb/s SSD we have tested.

The SM951 was only able to deliver around half the performance of Intel's drive again when measuring 4K-64 thread write performance.

The SM951's read access time is fairly typical for that of a high-speed SSD. While it's slower than the Intel SSD 750 Series 1.2TB and Samsung SSD 850 Pro, a result of 0.062ms is hardly slow.

The drive's write access time result are similar to those seen when measuring read performance.