annoying adaware

By antjscott
Mar 22, 2005
  1. dear fellow techspot users. lol. uum i'm running windows xp service pack 1 atm and i have some adaware in my registry, i know this because i run webroot to remove it, it removes it, u rescan and it's automatically back there, it's called elitebar, i think it came with the free version of kazaa. now this is a bit of a dumb *** question, but where can i find the registry to delete such a nuisance? and/or could i overwrite the registry? or is there something else that i could do to get rid of this crap? cos i am getting really pissed off at pop ups coming up all the time.
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    thanx dude. by 'other nasties', im assuming that also includes stupid viruses, like the one i cant find, that keeps making my mouse double click or triple click, each time i press it? and rarely, sometimes used to make my comp reboot, while playing a game, u'd press a key, and that'd set it off... but the double/triple clicking! what a serious pain in the **** when playing hl2, but i guess it doesnt matter as much now, seeing as i beat hl2, which was a ****in awesome game...
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