Another fps drop problem in cs 1.6

By jchang14
Jan 15, 2008
  1. Hey guys. I have a p4 2.53ghz / 512ddr ram / gforce fx5700 ultra.

    When I played cs regularly (before I quit), i got 100fps constant (about 120-150 with developer 1 on). After a 6 month hiatus, I began playing again and started getting low fps (jumps from 30fps to 60-70fps). But even when it's at 60 or 70, it feels/looks like 20-30fps. It's really annoying... does anyone have ANY idea? I have vsync off and have updated drivers... I run on opengl 800x600.

    I know my computer isn't top of the line.. but a) its cs 1.6 b) i use to get 100fps easily.. even through several smoke grenades.

    Is it possible viruses/spyware/adware are slowing me down? My computer hasn't been reformatted in like.. 5-6 years haha...

    Thanks, Jason
  2. ShipMaster

    ShipMaster TS Rookie Posts: 70

    Try reinstalling the game and defragmenting your PC.

    If you haven't formatted in 5 years, this is a great excuse. You should go grab the DVDs and make some back ups ;).
  3. djcrunch101

    djcrunch101 TS Rookie

    do you have any mods installed on the game if you do try to change back to original modles and if dont mayb try this: in the console type mat_dxlevel 7 or 8 which ever one should help and try lowering audio quality and try this site its great for help
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