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By Cypher2006
Jan 27, 2006
  1. hi, right the pc im using isnt really good for any games because previous posts point out my cutting out, but the graphics card in here, is borrowed because my fx 5200 burnt out this one is a Geforce 2 GTS and i need just a new one to fill its place, im getting new system when i get money, so is this one just good enough normal apps and some games

    p.s how do find out what Geforce a card is, as in Geforce 2, 3, 4 so on.....
  2. Bellroth

    Bellroth TS Rookie

    Well as u mentioned urself u had a Gforce 5900FX be4, and im pretty sure that NV done use that nummeric system anymore like GForce 1,2 etc. Now its Gforce 5xxx, 6xxx and 7xxx. For example Gforce 5900 and Gforce 6600. In a simple way, the higher the better and more expensive. Also, there is GT cards and GTO and GTX and Ultra. For example Gforce 6600GT, 6600 Ultra.
  3. loupegarou

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  4. Cypher2006

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    ok thx for Geforce explanation, and for second post i was thinking of getting a 6600 for my new pc i just wanted to know if that mx400 was good enough to just run this hunk of crap and play games i already can play on here better than the Geforce 2
  5. Cypher2006

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  6. LipsOfVenom

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    yes teh MX440 will run games better than a GeForce 2, since it is a 4 series. I have not heard of Point of View before, but it seems that usually, manufacturers only overclock cards they buy from stock, so there should not be anything bad that they do to any cards. The 6600LE is a good card upgrade for you.
  7. Cypher2006

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    ok guys thanks for help i will keep you lot updated bout this
  8. Cypher2006

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    ok i recieved my Geforce MX4000L today and opened it up to find it looks like this:

    and not this as it has illustarated on the site:

    i have told the company about this, but im not really bothered because it has a quite nice looking heatsink on it, and mine is the 126mb version not the 56mb as is on the first link ^ does anyone one know if i can get a fan for this card, or would you think the heatsink is better. my last card the fx5200 had a heatsink and the chip on that overheated and i didnt overclock it.
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    A mx4000 isn't very good at all.
    A geforce 4 mx440 blows it away, even a geforce 2 mx400 comes close to it.
    You could have gotten a fx5200, which is better(still not a fast card, but faster than a mx4000), for just a little more.

    If your case has poor airflow, just a plain heatsink might not be adequate to cool the card effectively. A heatsink with a fan would cool better.
  10. Cypher2006

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    i had the fx5200 before this one and it burtout, it only had a heatsink..i just wanted somthing different, but we have to keep in mind this pc soon will go to my dad for working on Word, Excel etc....not really for playing games, apart from bridge n solitaire
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