burning dvds using sonic7 + dvd shrink

By neild79
Jul 14, 2006
  1. i want to burn my dvd collection to blank dvdr/dvdrw disks, so i can keep the originals in good condition(i have a lot of rare dvds, music, manga, films, etc). i have sonic record now deluxe v7.0 + dvdshrink 3.2. everytime i try to copy a dvd it says its copy protected + i cant continue. can anyonr give me any help? thanks
  2. JMMD

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    I could have sworn someone answered this the other day.

    All you really need is DVDShrink + either DVDFabDecrypter or AnyDVD.
    If you use AnyDVD you can use DVDDecrypter instead of DVDFabDecrypter.
    Copy the files to your HD and then use Shrink if you need to remove any content. If it's a DVD5 you can go straight to ISO and burn with DVDDecrypter.
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