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By jsmileb
Dec 21, 2010
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  1. Building a light duty HTPC. The HEC case has a front 80mm fan that is, I am sure, the cheapest available. In shopping a popular computer component site, when I have reduced choices to 80mm, I am presented with other options:

    Bearing Type

    1 Ball, 1 Sleeve (2)
    2 Ball (15)
    Enter100007998 600035580 600035616 (2)
    Ever Lubricate(10)
    Fluid Dynamic(12)


    Variable (23)
    <1600 RPM(8)
    1600-1999 RPM(19)
    2500-2999 RPM(29)
    3000-3499 RPM(6)

    As none of the fans are exceedingly $$, and I only need one, what should I look for?
  2. Benny26

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    If it's just an opinion you're looking for..1600-1999 RPM is sort of a normal fan speed for light duty, and "Ball" fans are the Normal sort of choice (for me anyway)..Thats probably the area i'de go.

    But you're saying there all cheap enough anyway, so maybe i'de go out on a limb and try a "Fluid Dynamic" 1600-1999 or 2000-2499 RPM fan, because i've never tryed one personally. :)

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