Chrome bug allows websites to continue listening to conversations after you close the tab

  1. Do you use speech recognition in Google Chrome? If yes, here's something to worry about. Developer Tal Ater has discovered a bug in Google's popular browser that malicious websites, enabled for voice-recognition, could exploit to listen in on the conversation...

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  2. It's not a bug, it's a feature...NSA paid them to implement it. :)
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  3. Fear Fear Fear, everyone, hurry, the sky is falling!
  4. External webcam, external headset

  5. An Uninstall would fix it too. :)
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  6. It's not clear whether the name is Tal Ater or Tal Alter, but anyway -- yes! an uninstall would fix it

    there are other open-source browsers, unaffiliated with google, like Firefox and Seamonkey, that we can happily use. we should spread the word, be like missionaries, to shift a little bit the weight in the browser world, don't you think so?

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