Daily BSODs on XP, error 0x0000008e

  1. Have recenty been getting a number of BSODs on an almost daily basis. Googling them has indicated the problem may be RAM. I tested using memtest86+ and the windows diagnostic utility (via booting). Both utilities returned full passes and no failures at all.

    I am at somewhat at a loose end at present and hoping one of you experts can help.

    Some specifics:

    -Machine is a Dell D620 running Windows XP Professional (SP3).
    -Intel Core 2 CPU (T7200@2.0 GHz)
    -2 GB Ram

    I have uploaded the mini dumps and one of the BSOD images...

    Please help me people!


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  2. mineshdelld620

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    BSOD screen shots attached

    Have attached the additional screenshots to this thread....

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  3. Route44

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    How many Passes did you run Memtest for? The minimum should be 7 and the more after 7 the better. Your error codes certainly seem to indicate hardware issues particularly the 0x8E ones because they are almost always caused by hardware.

    However, in one dump file the driver RapportPG.sys was cited as not being able to load. Research has shown that this driver is...

    a. Legit and is from Trusteer Ltd.

    b. A trojan that mimics this driver.

    * If you did not run memtest for at least 7 Passes please do so.

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