HALO PC extremely laggy is spaceships, caves, corridors, etc.

By sleepy1
Dec 20, 2004
  1. Everytime i'm in caves, alien spaceships and such, it becomes laggy to the point where it takes forever to even turn. However like outside or when i face the wall it runs perfectly smoothly. I surpass all the minimum requirements for this game yet it still lags in those corridors. Is it because of my ram? Help is appreciated. thnx

    My comp specs:
    1.2 GHz
    256 mb ram
    128 mb geforce fx 5500
    intel celeron
  2. duh-huh-wha?

    duh-huh-wha? TS Rookie


    im not an expect computer guy but from what i can tell your specs are a little bit low. you should upgrade to 512 ram and a faster processor or try putting halo on low video settings
    hope i helped you out a little
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