HELP! my Verizon DSL Speed (NYC) Suddenly Cut in Half! How!  Why!

By Aushadi
Sep 24, 2006
  1. UPDATE 9/26/06:

    Once the vzn people came back to work at the C.O. on mon,
    they got around to fixing their non-existent problem.
    (which, of course, they insisted was the fault of my computer
    and its "memory shortage, etc..."). for full story , see:,16962918


    just got vzn dsl in june. has been ok, running CONSISTENTLY at 732 kbps/download
    and 136 kbps/upload. (using Vonage test)

    from one day to the next (9/23/06), my dsl speed has gone to heck!!!

    now getting only 300-500kbps on dwnld, and the results are ALL OVER THE PLACE.
    They can vary by 100-150kbps from one test to the next!
    the upload speed stays around 132-136kbps.


    I have changed or added absolutely nothing, and all virus and spyware, norton systemworks checks, etc. were negative.
    I run my IE security/privacy and CA firewall (courtesy of Zone Labs), at conservatively high levels.
    Tsk Mgr shows cpu idling at 1% usage w/brief spikes of 40-50%, every 10 sec. or so. The computer is running fine.

    Vzn is of VERY limited (=no) help. they tell me my 6100 Westell is running at 864 kbps and that's it!
    they seem unable to comprehend that there is a problem??!

    Something is very wrong, but I don't know what it could be.
    I was reasonably satisfied w/ things as they were, but how could it go to pieces overnight?

    thanks for any help. (djleyo flores ?)
  2. Tedster

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    DSL depends on how the signal is routed and the phyiscal distance. If your signal was re-rerouted and travels farther, your speed will become lower. There is not much you can do.
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