HP omnibook xe3 bios password help

By max_gee
Jun 28, 2007
  1. mossup

    mossup TS Rookie

    Hello, I dont know if you'll be able to help, i know this thread seems to be for a different laptop but, i have a HP Compaq NX9005 and ive managed to retrieve my hash code which is 06000, and was wondering if someone could help me find the right password ?
    Your help would be gratefully appreciated :)
  2. copy2null

    copy2null TS Rookie

    It worked perfectly!

    I had to press F2 for Setup first then F12.

  3. kenny_55

    kenny_55 TS Rookie

    Hello Everybody!!! My name is Valentine. I'm from Israel.
    I wish everybody Happy New Year! ^__^ A lot of health, luck, love, money, happines and peace!!
    also I need some help. I had recieved an old notebook HP omnibook 900. It has no cd drive or floppy, so I wanted to use USB but no luck. You can understand that this notebook don't worth the money. The bios locked with some password. Reading the instructions I found hash number: 14304.
    I want to thank remzibi and hpgl for any kind of help and advice!
    You can e-mail me or post here a password for bios.

    Again, Thank you! Happy New Year!
  4. amoshawesno1

    amoshawesno1 TS Rookie

    hi guys been reading your forum,
    my hash code is 09795 please help
    thanking you very much in advance
  5. need_help_19

    need_help_19 TS Rookie

    hpgl - I need your help!

    My hash code is: 01020
  6. jonesy85

    jonesy85 TS Rookie

    please Help me!

    My hash code is: 01630 thanks!!!
  7. budm2849

    budm2849 TS Rookie

    Thank you for your help. I am not sure how I get to BIOS. Can I find that in the "setup section"?
  8. DjEzgo84

    DjEzgo84 TS Rookie

    I have also similar problem, and I cnow that I'm not allowed to ask, but still.. My hash code is 10252, so pls, if anyone can help I am grateful.
  9. need_help_19

    need_help_19 TS Rookie

    hpgl - I need your help!

    My hash code is: 01020
  10. DjEzgo84

    DjEzgo84 TS Rookie

    Oh, I forgot to say that I have OmniBook xe3
  11. gsz

    gsz TS Rookie

    Dear hpgl,

    I still have a problem my omnibook XE3.
    My hash code is 00000.

    Could you help me or should I find the oder way?

    Thanks in advance.
  12. Norski

    Norski TS Rookie

    OmniBook 6000 Hash code password needed


    I would like to request a master password for an OB 6000 [01140]. I bought this laptop to setup for the kids and do not want to put anymore money into it. I would appeciate anyone's help with getting the master password for my system.

    Thank you,

    email removed
  13. mkhan

    mkhan TS Rookie

    omnibook 6100

    i have omnibook 6100 i need bios password, system hash code is 15020.
    any help will be much appreciated to get master code.
  14. baldman

    baldman TS Rookie

    Hello hpgl can you help me

    I need a master code is 05556 my notebook omnibook 6100
    my moteherboard is broke down and I bought used with password. HP servis want to invoice but I bought on service like abay and I haven't invoice/receipt
  15. Thingumbob

    Thingumbob TS Rookie

    Just Registered in Hopes of solving this!

    Hi all. I have an Omnibook 6100 with a system hash of 11574. Can anybody
    provide a master password.
  16. alfred2007

    alfred2007 TS Rookie

    Hello, this is my first time here, I have a HP NX9010 Laptop and my hash code is 09993, I need help with the master password as soon as possible.
    REMZIBI help!!!!
  17. gblackmax

    gblackmax TS Rookie

    Password Omnibook XE3

    please Help me!

    My hash code is: 16216 thanks!!!
  18. ejjorg

    ejjorg TS Rookie


    OmniBook xt6200, hashcode 10833

    Any help? Thanks in advance!
  19. predator25

    predator25 TS Rookie

    ID=10833 Unlock code: huj784s
    ID=16216 Unlock code: 3591u1t
  20. ismana

    ismana TS Rookie

    I need your help!
  21. frankmelton

    frankmelton TS Rookie

    hashcode 10190? predator please help

    hashcode 10190 please predator help and if u could please tell me how to get master password from hashcode
  22. freezed

    freezed TS Rookie

    hey predator25 plz help me...
    I have omnibook xe3... and hash code =06218=.. plz plz help me with the bios master password
  23. freezed

    freezed TS Rookie


    hey predator25 plz help me...
    I have omnibook xe3... and hash code =06218=.. plz plz help me with the bios master password
  24. freezed

    freezed TS Rookie

    hpgl plz yaar master password de naaaa... hashcode =06218=
  25. lacc19

    lacc19 TS Rookie

    Hi! I have a HP Omnibook vt6200, and i forgot my passwords, and my laptop can't boot and i can't get into the bios. This is my hash code 04285. Please predator25 help me!
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