Laptop freezes when left idle or on the Internet

By CJ Casanova
Oct 11, 2011
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    I work as an ICT Technician at a school.

    one of the staff approached me this week with his laptop, saying it keeps freezing, here was me thinking i bet its something simple.

    i started working on the laptop monday and i did a bit of research and put it down to a bluetooth stack (this laptop doesnt have bluetooth) that was being stopped by Windows DEP, So i removed the stack and benchmarked the laptop of 8 hours, no problems and the laptop seemed ok so i gave it back. Today he came to me and said the laptop was doing it again, this time he told me it was only after he plugged his ethernet cable into the laptop it started about 5 mins later.

    Heres a few things i have tried to stop the problem.
    1. Ran Reg Clean-up
    2. Installed ALL drivers
    3. Ran Windows Update
    4. Scanned With Spybot
    5. Scanned With Microsoft SE
    6. Scanned with sophos (Schools Version)

    It litrally freeze's, No lights (only battery light) keyboard is non responsive (caps/num/scroll lights dont come on) mouse doesnt work at all.

    Which doesnt leave much, i have considered it hardware but the fact it only does it when its connected to the internet confuses me.

    So i thought, hey, Why should i be the only one scratching my head over this

    Any help is greatly appreciated !
  2. CJ Casanova

    CJ Casanova TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 17

    Still looking for a solution.

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