More trouble ( Nvivda geforce 4mx

By George lloyd
Aug 29, 2005
  1. Ok heres a new one ( Target dill(":/programs file/blackwed/backwed/client/ progran/blackwed.dill" errpr code 126) Ok whats up with this everytime I open up my windows xp this comes up I just about tried everything as to download programs ,and even went as far as to restore my pc to an earlyer date hopping that it would take care of this !!!
  2. Vigilante

    Vigilante TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,666

    Watch your doublepost there George. Peeps'll be all over you about that around here.

    As for your issue, first question: Is that path supposed to be

    program files\backweb\backweb\client\

    That is, did you spell that right? Does it say "blackwed" and not "backweb"? Does it use forward slashes instead of backslashes? It is an odd path I must say.

    But the easiest way to rid yourself is to click Start-Run and type "regedit". Once inside, hit F3 and search for "blackwed.dill". Or did you mean "blackwed.dll? When you find a reference to it, delete the key. It will likely be in a place key called "SharedDlls" or similar. Delete it's entry on the RIGHT side. If it is listed all by itself on the left then delete the whole key on the left.

    So be carefull.

    It may actually be a different program that is trying to call this dill, or dll. I would suggest posting your Hijackthis log. Read this:

    And also download Autoruns from Once installed, click the edit menu, or one of them, and select the "hide signed microsoft" entry, then refresh. Post anything suspicious it sees as well.
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