My 3800 refuses to OC more than 24 mhz!

By ThugLife
Oct 4, 2005
  1. I dont know whats going on with this thing, but the FSB will simply not OC past 202 x 12. The multi is locked as usual, and the bios even has a nice 'overclocking interface' for it, so Im guessing it's supported

    I tried raising the vcore by .1, but it didn't do anything. If I put fsb at 204, it keeps restarting at the boot screen. If I put it at 203, it sometimes makes it to windows- then dies.

    Any ideas? The computer it'self is very well maintained. Defragged all the time, I keep the HDs clean, no viruses, no spyware, it's water cooled and runs 27C idle and 35C load TOPS.

    I just cant believe this thing is that resistant to an OC! It's an nforce3 northbridge chipset in the mobo, and I've used similar to OC other A64s- but Im really stumped to whats keeping this thing grounded to a measley 2424 mhz =/
  2. howard_hopkinso

    howard_hopkinso TS Rookie Posts: 24,177   +19

    Ocing AMD 64`s is a little more complicated, than other cpu`s.

    Take a look at this guide HERE

    Regards Howard :) :)
  3. ThugLife

    ThugLife TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Yea ive heard the key is the memory divider and HTT multi, but my gay bios is very limited, and I cant change it. All I can change is FSB, multi (12 and under) and vcore
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