My dell optiplex gx520 suddenly started running slow, What is doing this? (pics)

By v3n0m
Nov 29, 2011
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  1. All of the sudden my computer took twice as long to start up and my sound skips and is stretched.. everything is very slow, my mouse skips as well, and before no matter what I was doing, no matter what I was downloading or playing games, my mouse never freezes...

    I had the free Norton that comes with comcast, and after (the sluggishness) I downloaded malwarebytes and got AVG internet security 2011. And they did clean some viruses out. But it still runs slow, I updated all of my drivers.. I deleted almost all of my programs. The only antivirus I have running is AVG and AVG PC tuneup which tuned up and fixed 4,884 problems. But STILL NO FIX. Plus I re-installed all of my codecs and divx and everything possible, updated my drivers with two different driver updaters..

    Its either the drivers, could be codecs, or something happened to my power supply.

    look at this info on my computer and tell me if something is wrong..
    (sorry, you'll have to copy paste the links for the pictures)

    MUCH appreciated!

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