Need XP drivers for Toshiba Satellite A300

By bigspud200
May 23, 2011
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  1. Hi im trying to install windows xp on my toshiba laptop its a satellite a300 harman/kardon i really want to go back to xp but i dont think theres any drivers for my wlan and other things for xp on the laptop please help i hate vista and 7.
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  4. bigspud200

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    How will i find the ST number theres 5 different kinds of a300? theres nothing underneath the laptop stating apart from satellite a300.
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    You might have to click on the Detailed Spec tab for each of the sub model, and see which one has a part number & UPC number that matches yours.

    For example, A300-ST3511 has part # PSAG8U-05K02C, UPC # is 883974191529. I'd imagine there's a sticker somewhere on the bottom or in the battery compartment w/ one of these.

    Or, if you right click on My Computer and select properties, maybe the sub model is listed there?
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    Drivers for freshly formatted Toshiba Satellite A300

    Hi Iv just refomated my toshiba A300 satellite laptop to windows xp sp3 now the thing is i have a mobile intel(R) 4 chipset family graphics and i cant find a driver for it iv tryed the toshiba website and most other things i cant run games and im a big pc gamer so could anyone help me please.
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    I guess you weren't able to find out what sub model of A300 you're using? For Intel drivers, you can try Intel's site and let it scan your laptop. You'll need to use IE for that. The scan won't work w/ Firefox. Click on Run Intel Driver Update Utility.

    It should work, but there's no guarantee. I tried it some time ago w/ a Dell laptop. The driver the utility suggested didn't work. I ended up download one from Dell's site.
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    I've merged your threads. Please only start one thread per topic, thanks.

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