norton, task manager won't start, anyplace i type "V i r u s" (including here) closes

By mintaddict
Jan 1, 2004
  1. kansuR

    kansuR TS Rookie

    HELP! i as well am suffering from whatever it is...didn't seem to be a problem until the past few days...I can't type vi rus without the window closing...i tried to download Norton 2004 Trialware to help, but can't even install it...also, can't open regedit...and some webpages that have vi rus in them won't open, including vi rus dictionaries on the anti- sites...also have the thing where about 30 or 40 different .exes have been placed on the comp labeled things like, "max payne 2 crack.exe., call of duty serial.exe, etc." i read about this a little while back, but now can't even open webpages to search...i was surprised this one opened...anyway, i tried to send an e-mail to mintaddict to find out how they corrected the problem, but they can't be reached through, if anyone knows what they did, please let me know...or if anyone finds a fix, please post the link...thank you so much
    p.s. I couldn't follow that "" link closed on me...
  2. kansuR

    kansuR TS Rookie seems as if Stinger solved the problem...if you don't hear back from me, then things are cool...thanks...virus virus virus virus
  3. Gaussblaster

    Gaussblaster TS Rookie


    I have got the same problem, just testing the Virus thing. If it worked you will see this post rite.
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