referenced memory error! Please help!!!!

By Stallion
Aug 12, 2007
  1. The instruction at "0x7c882f9c" referenced memory at "0x7c882f9c". The memory could not be "written".:mad:
    I'm taking this error since I bought my notebook! The last time I got it was after I had my notebook formatted with the original restore dvd from acer and trying to install windows media player 11 downloaded from microsoft...
    When I'm taking this error every application I'm trying to run crashes!

    My OS:
    Windows XP home edition with SP2
    My hardware:
    Intel core 2 duo t7200 (2.0GB, 667MHz FSB, 4 MB L2 cache)
    2 GB DDR2 RAM

    Does anybody know what's wrong???:confused:
    Any answer would be appreciated!
  2. ckrieger

    ckrieger TS Rookie Posts: 30

    Suggest running the memtest86+ tool (download and burn the iso to a disc, reboot with the disc in the drive). If you get a few or more errors, there is something wrong with your RAM most likely.
  3. pc techguy

    pc techguy TS Rookie

    i suggest putting media player 10 back in as wmp 11 needs at least 60gb free hdd memory to run and it doesnt work well with a laptop
  4. Stallion

    Stallion TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Problem Solved.... :)

    After 6 months I found the error!!!!!!
    This error caused by the installed software of Acer for the camera...
    If anyone else has the same problem and it comes on an Acer Notebook now can relax... I tried my notebook with a clean install of other windows than the recovery disk provided by acer and I install every drivers without any problem... after 10 days I wanted to capture a video and I installed the software (the drivers of camera are ok! only the software (Acer Orbicam software) has the error).... and the error came again.... Now I removed the software... I believe that I will not need to format my notebook again, but if I have to I will not install this software again... Everything will work fine without it!!!!!
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