Roxio combines CD, DVD burning tools

By Phantasm66
Feb 19, 2003
  1. Noting that while DVD-Writer sales have been modest, they are increasing in number rapidly, Roxio have released Easy CD & DVD Creator 6. Combining the ease of use associated with their Easy CD Creator software with the ability to write to DVD, Roxio promise you the ability to "....make DVD movies with professional transitions and animated menus to play on your home DVD player with new DVD Builderâ„¢."

    The software bundle will also include a streamlined version of PhotoSuite, the image editing package Roxio took over last year with its acquisition of MGI Software.

    "Easy CD and DVD Creator 6 will sell for $99 for the full version, or $69 for those upgrading from a previous version of Easy CD Creator. Customers who purchased Easy CD Creator 5 within the last 45 days can upgrade for $20. "

    More here.
  2. iss

    iss TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 1,994

    I think DVD burner sales will take off later this year with the release of lite on's 200.00 dual format Burners.

    my concern with Roxio is their own admission that future versions of easy Cd creator would incorporate copyright protection features as per their agreement with the RIAA. so far I have not heard any word whther or not EZCD 6 does so. I think I will just stick with Nero they will be releasing Nero 6 Soon anyway.
  3. not to mention that Nero has always been VASTLY superior to Roxio's bloatware anyway. And as I posted last time there was info about EZCD, Padus's Disc Juggler software (also very good) has had full DVD burning support for quite a long time.
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