TechSpot virus freezing up computer

By maggiehasmalwre
Jan 11, 2009
  1. Thanks in advance for helping me with this nightmare.

    Last week, I started getting popups, most of which have an addy starting with (the popups occur with both Explorer and Firefox). When I try to visit various tech/virus fix sites, I get redirected to random ad sites. Even if I dont have a browser open , my computer runs super slow and freezes a lot. A notice from Spyware Guard 2008 prompting me to install it comes up repeatedly even after closing it. This is not a program on my computer. I installed malwarebytes on my computer from, but have not been able to scan with it (nothing happens when I open it). I ran DDS and am pasting and attaching the log.

    Also, I downloaded Avira Antivir and successfully scanned and deleted, but the popups keep coming with same intensity.

    Any guidance you can give at this point will be gratly appreciated!
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