SATA, RAID 0, Partitioning, Acronis, Vista Question

By ronatola
Jan 22, 2008
  1. Hello.
    I have just purchased a new system with RAID 0 SATA setup of 2 500gig hds.
    I would like to partition the drive to
    c:\ = 40gig OS (Vista)
    d:\ = 460gig (Data)
    e:\ = 500gig (Games)

    I will also hook up another 500gig to be used as a backup image storage device. I will use Acronis to take weekly incremental images of c:\ and d:\ and omit e:\

    Does anyone have any feedback on my plan before I put it into action?
    ie. Partition sizes?

    I read in another post here that partitioning a raid0 will not degrade performance, and was quite concerned when I read that if one of the drives fails in a raid0, that I will potentially lose everything. So I came up with the above scenario.

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