Thermaltake CL-W0052 Tide Water Any Good??

By Foxracer15
Dec 23, 2005
  1. HELP!!! Thermaltake Tide Water Any Good??

    Hey i am looking for a good water cooling system for my X800GTO so i can OC it to PE speeds since i already did the unlock 16pipe mod. Currently i have a Zalmen VF700-Cu on it and i am getting 32c idle and about 50c load. at 540/540 OC but i wanted to get to PE speeds which are 520/590. I was wondering how much farther u think i could go with this water cooling solution without seeing any artifacs when scanning in ATI TOOL.
    Or If this isent a good choice do u have any other suggestions for a water cooling system to cool my Video Card?

    Please reply thx.
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