'Virtumonde' Virus

By mital2003
Jun 26, 2008
  1. My system has been infected with the Trojan 'Virtumonde'. I dont know where it came from, I tried removing it by using various anti-virus removal s/w like windows defender, Pc tools Spyware doctor, Vundofix etc. But the bug - Dj Juan keeps implementing itself on the registry. I may have downloaded the trojan while downloading Java from kaspersky site to run the online scan. I'm unable to open any icons on control panel, hence unable to uninstall any s/w too!

    Please guide me what I shud do to remove this bug permanently from my laptop, I'm really tired of dealing with it anymore.
  2. silvermachine

    silvermachine TS Rookie

    you could try dos and use the control admintools command. I have done this before. Start safe mode with dos support and then go in and create yourself a new user with admin rights then you may be able to instal from your new user account. I have managed this a couple of times when I have had virus problems in the past.

    Has a great section on dos to help you.
    good luck
  3. xxdanielxx

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