w32time Error in a W2KServerPDC Event Viewer -

By VicRic
Oct 9, 2006
  1. Hello, good day!

    I'm setting up a Windows 2000 Server for testing here. I have it set up as Active Directory Domain Controller w/ DNS server on it. I always get this annoying error on the System Log of the Event Viewer:

    w32time - Error - event ID :62

    "This machine is a PDC at the root of the forest. Configure to sync from External time source using the net command, 'net time /setsntp:<server name>'."

    Do you know of any source of information or guideline that explains what to do to solve this problem?

  2. VicRic

    VicRic TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 44

    Hi, it wasn't too hard to solve after all.

    On the machine in question I opened the Command window and typed:
    "net time /"

    I typed <enter> and with that the new time server on my PDC was set and saved.

    I rebooted the machine and the time was corrected and -most importantly- the error in the Event View was gone.

    There is a list of available Internet Time Servers here:

    Ping to the one you want to choose first, to make sure it is really available.
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