Geforce 7800 GTX can't be used with MSI K8N SLI

By Derek Sooman on June 29, 2005, 3:26 PM
Have you ever carefully researched and bought a collection of components to build a PC, hand picking the motherboard, case, graphics card and drives only to find that the whole thing will just not fit together? I know I certainly have. When luck is not on your side, building a PC can be hard.

Lacking luck is one thing (like accidentally buying a case that won't take all of the components that you selected properly) but sometimes there are some motherboard designs that clearly don't make sense. One such example has been found recently in the MSI K8N SLI boards.

MSI messed up one of its premium motherboards as you won't be able to fit a Geforce 7800 GTX in it. It's an SLI system and people at some forums discovered that one of the capacitors will interfere with one of the cards.
There seems to be no escaping the sad fact that one of the capacitors on this board seems to be in the way, making proper fitting impossible. So, no SLI G70, Geforce 7800 GTX for this MSI board at the moment. Seemingly a revision is on the way.

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XweAponX said:
How about "Brands" of Nvidia Chipset?Is it possible that the design of the Video card is inept, rather than MSI, I find that MSI, although making a few poop motherboards, mostly makes motherboards that I still have running after 5 or 6 years: I just gave a friend of mine, my MS-6903 rev 2.0, after I stuck a 1 GHz P-III chip on it.Also consider: not all Nvidia are created equal. First, you have POS makes "Gainward" "Chaintech" (And I am a traitor, I use a Chaintech Gefarce 5200), Then there is the Elsa Gladiac, than there are things like Asus 7700's which were the first Geforce: I use one of those, and it is a kickass capture card, I used to for analogue composite video capture.So, I find that I always defer to a company. I like MSI, I like AMD, and I like Sound Blaster, DESPITE thier recent BS that an Audigy was a 24-bit 96kHz Sound Card (It is most certainly NOT). But, I never buy Creative new, I always get em used, cos then I feel like I am not being cheated as much.The Company I highly Recommend for nVidia, is eVga:I give yu, the eVga version of this card:[url]
-N528-AX[/url]If you look at the image, does it seem like it would fit into the room given? You are talking about Caps that stick up: Now I see that the FAN sticks WAY up, but I see No electrolytic caps rising high on the board.Check it!
XweAponX said:
Oh!You are talking about caps on the MB! My bad...Well, that was dumb of MSI - I had heard talk that MSI has been slipping, which is why I stick to the makes that are solid.
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