Lineage II gamers mugged in virtual crime spree

By Mikael Hoffman on August 19, 2005, 7:06 AM
A man in Japan has been accused of virtually mugging people playing the game Lineage II. The Chinese exchange student allegedly designed bots that would rob other characters for him. After he received the items that he had stolen, he used a Japanese auction site to sell the items for real currency. I wonder what the police in Japan will officially charge him with?

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smtkr said:
This is retarded. If the game allows stealing, the makers are responsible (even if the guy was using a bot/hack). This is precisely why games should not be tied to real world currency beyond initial purchase and (it pains me to say it) subscription fees. If someone pays actual money for an enchanted sword (sorry, I don't play these games, so I don't know that they sell) or some other piece of virtual equipment, only to find that he/she has been duped, tough luck.
Mikael said:
smtkr, most gaming companies usually don't tolerate someone making and or using a bot/hack. In fact, companies that charge users a monthly fee will often times close the account of someone found to be violating the game's EULA.
GRIEVE said:
WOW does this open a can of worms for mmorpgs. By charging someone with theft(assuming that be the charge) they are saying that in-game items have RL value....well who is to say next time there is a server crash and you lose that RARE may have a legal issue seeing as you have lost an item of RL value....As much as i agree bots/macro farming is wrong, i think there is a real grey area surrounding in-game items and this is a stance that may not be in the best interest of MMROPG developers.....this guy stole a couple thousand pixles! lol Is it worth**if he is charged with hacking or something disregard everything previously mentioned.
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