Firefox launches Ad contest

By Derek Sooman on December 26, 2005, 6:29 PM
For the second part of its Firefox Flicks campaign, Firefox has launched an ad contest where the best 30-second spots will be considered for a TV campaign for the browser. Yes, the winners will be considered for inclusion in global marketing campaigns. There are some great prizes, including a $5,000 gift certificate at B&H Photo, a multi-screen LCD display from 9x Media, and a media centre PC from Alienware.

The ads will be reviewed by a panel of judges from the film, television and advertising industries, including Strawberry Frog CEO Scott Goodson; Six Feet Under cinematographer Jim Denault and actor Freddy Rodriguez; Charlie's Angels and The OC director/producer McG; Partners director Geo Santini; Prime director/writer Ben Younger; and American Pie producer Warren Zide.
Submissions can be either live, animated or Flash-based. Basically, Firefox is looking for you to bring the browser "to life for the millions of Web users who have yet to discover Firefox and the better Web experience it delivers." In terms of guidelines, its best says Firefox to concentrate on a branding level more than at a features/benefits level. Going on about "an improved Web experience" is probably the sort of thing being sought after.

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PUTALE said:
Sounds interesting. Although I am not that artistic talented. Maybe I will pass the news to my sister who is more artistic talented and I can steal her prize if she won:)>
Rod_Massoudi said:
Sounds cool. The prizes are great and I really wouldn't mind having something of my own creation on television to be shown globally - needless to say, it should bring a momentary swelling of pride :)
Rage_3K_Moiz said:
Wicked prizes man! A successful ad-campaign will bring Firefox to the forefront of the browser-wars but sadly, it will also bring more attention to hackers and spyware/adware will then start getting tailored for Firefox specifically, coz it will then be what most of the world's using. A bittersweet deal really.
Handyman said:
Big prizes, definetly worth giving it a shot. Firefox is in my opinion the best browser for the internet. Tabs instead of windows is the winning concept. But as Rage_3K_Moiz said there is a danger of attracting unwanted attention from hackers.
asphix said:
hopefully they're ready to tackle the attention it will get from hackers.To be honest with you, word of mouth is infinitely more powerful than any AD campaign. TV, newspaper, magazine and radio ads only fuel the wonder that is word of mouth. While an ad campaign wont hurt firefox they aleady have the best advertizements they could ask for: many satisfied users. What I'm getting at is hopefully hackers and malware programmers wont take much more notice than they already have as they probably pay more attention to the word of mouth phenomina than TV ads.
mentaljedi said:
I had never really heard of Firefox until a friend told me so ibelieve its mostly word of mout hthat secures it for u. I mean, sure an add may make u aware of its existance, but word of mouth secues it if u know what i mean.
Bartzy said:
asphix, I don't agree with you that satisfied users are better than AD's campaign. Sometimes it's true, but Firefox already has those users who support it, and now Mozilla need another advertising tool. TV/newspaper/radio commercials are a great way of doing that, but it's quite expensive. If they have the money, I embrace it.As for the contest - I'm not going to participate. It's too hard and I just don't have the right tools and artistic thinking to make a good-looking ad. I wish good luck to any of the participants.
brownpaper said:
Perhaps they are trying to make Firefox more of a household name. At my college, they have installed Firefox on all the computers in the labs, but most non-computer people do not use it. Most people use IE, and avoid Firefox (perhaps they do not know what Firefox is). By advertising on TV and radio, they could expose their product to a larger market. I just hope nobody copies an Apple television ad...
Crofty74 said:
All computers I have made or fixed for people end up with FIrefox on, Ive even told people a quick browser history in the process of explaining Firefox and Mozilla orgins.To be honest its the only time Ive had even a remotly captive audience when talking computers, there is a genuine interest in browsers amongst the non techie world that suprises me still, would love to see an ad that even hinted at Mosiac to netscape/IE browser wars to Firefox in 30 seconds - that would be a great ad.
mav451 said:
Heh, as if that massive ad in the WashingtonPost (or other major newspaper) wasn't enough...FF is taking to the air waves =D.
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