Meru touts RF level Wireless LAN security

By Derek Sooman on January 19, 2006, 4:25 PM
Wireless security is a big concern for many people, and quite rightly so. I myself have sat in my top floor flat at home and merrily joined up to 3 different wireless networks in the area, all without any password required. WEP security has been often attacked for being easily cracked (some hackers say about one hour is all it takes) and a number of security professionals are recommending that people just donít use wireless at all. This seems like a shame, given that the technology is so convenient.

Itís nice to see Meru Networks, a wireless infrastructure specialist, developing security software that can jam radio signals from rogue access points and scramble genuine signals, thus protecting wireless networks at the RF signal level.

The companyís Security Services Module, a software module that works in combination with its range of wireless LAN products, notably its access points and radio switches, is expected to be shipping in the second quarter of the year.

Meru (Sunnyvale, Calif.) says the module, which uses its patent-pending AirShield technology, uses advanced micro-scanning, radio scrambling and transmission jamming to ensure military-grade, radio frequency security for any enterprise.

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nathanskywalker said:
Good idea, but how much is that going to cost? And is it going to cause any additional interferrence? sorry, bit of a critic. However,wireless definetly does need more security, and if they can work all of the "bugs" out of the system, that might be a very good solution.
PanicX said:
transmission jamming? Sounds like FCC violations for sure. Lots of fun until the fines start rolling in.
Race said:
"Wireless security is a big concern for many people"......but evidently not enough people!I find it amazing that people are still using wireless networks without so much as a password. Nevertheless, military-grade RF security has got to be a good thing. Cheers to Meru Networks.
MonkeyMan said:
Whoa, major complication. Only one hour to crack WEP? oh man, thats major. I'm sure that those hackable networks are so insecure and unstable, it probably jams the entire connection frequently. Great job though Meru Networks, at least you are trying to improve the security issues.
gamingmage said:
That's a major advancement, but it's just a matter of time that people figure out how to crack this way. It's like with the PSP and its firmware. Sony thought that 2.0 would stop them, but low and behold they crack it in due time; yet Sony continues to put out new firmwares increasing security because they know that someone is going to crack it sooner or later.
asphix said:
Something was bound to come around sooner or later. 1 Hour to crack WEP is just an average.. I have seen videos and read articles by people and teams who have done it MUCH quicker than that.Its definitely nice to see someone is working to do something about it. I dont believe this is the ideal solution, nor the one that will be adopted by the industry as the wiresless security standard. But it will get the ball rolling and if it proves to be at least marginally profitable it will allow other companies to see there is business in wireless security and reason to work toward developing solutions to the wireless security issue.
mentaljedi said:
I'm glad that Microsoft isn't handling it and Meru are... Otherwise i might as well move to China. More security in a communist country.
Vaulden said:
This is great news... I just hope the price will be manageable for home users in the near future (I doubt it is now).As for security being a big concern? Only with people who understand the way things works... at least in my opinion. I've got 4 network in my area that I can connect to... and 2 of them still use the default router password!
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