Kama Sutra Worm fails to cause expected damage

By Derek Sooman on February 6, 2006, 8:01 PM
Scmagazine.com confirms little activity from the Kama Sutra Worm, which we had all feared might cause some pretty extensive chaos. Despite wide panic about the malware that was set to delete all kinds of important files on infected machines, considerably fewer-than-expected cases of the file-destroying worm have been reported. We reported on the worm's lack of living up to expectations last Friday, and it now seems like the story has been confirmed.

The amount of machines really still infected on Friday was much smaller than the total amount of machines that got infected (and cleaned) during the whole outbreak," Finnish anti-virus vendor F-Secure said Sunday. "This number is probably in the tens of thousands, which is not a lot of computers out of, say, one billion computers in the world."

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sjps220 said:
Well that's good! I warned a lot of people I knew and they made sure they were protected. I'm sure that a scare like this once in a while is good since it causes a lot of people to check that they have decent protection on their computer.
DragonMaster said:
Are you supposed to freak more if you have a delay before the virus executes than an other type that would do it right when the computer is infected?
gamingmage said:
That's good news, but people still have to know not to open suspicious e-mails, otherwise down the toilet goes their system.
need_a_dell said:
This is definitely good news. When I first heard about this virus, I was concerned that it was going to be really bad. My mother was flipping about it and made me scan the HD and back everything up in fear that we may have contracted it. (I knew we didn't have it btw! ;) ) I'm glad to hear that not many others fell victim to such a malicious piece of programming.
djleyo said:
i think this was bound to happen almost all computer users knew about this virus because it got a lot of media attention i live in mexico and the news was flooded by this virus .i believe this virus was created by A. V companies for cx'S that did not have their products they heard about the virus and who wants to loose their documents and files they were forced to get the antivirus or to update their version
JMMD said:
Hopefully the amount of attention this virus got caused the general public to update their security. I made sure I warned all the people I know who are not computer savy to make sure they had their machines scanned and their AV up to date.
dr_roman said:
Eventually, Microsoft will get wise & make their own embeded solution to play as an Anti Virus in windows. The profit of such scams as public scares to increase sales of AV programs is bound to attract some attention from this software giant which will reduce the overall threat. I have no doubt that over 50% of viruses worldwide are made by AV software manufacturers. It's all a question of economics. Offer & demand.
biggy97 said:
Can somebody sent me that virus ? i also want to learn some Kama Sutra like a worm. [url]http://www.flirtinserat.de[/url] . LOL
Vaulden said:
This is very good news. Prompt attention by the anti-virus community... and maybe… Just maybe the masses are becoming more aware?
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