The Kama Sutra worm, set to unleash so much damage on today, the 3rd, has been nothing more than a blip on the map it seems. Most likely largely due to all modern virus scanners, including both pay and free products, having the ability to detect and remove it. Some people went to extremes, such as shutting their machine down the entire day, but things are looking good for those who continue with business as usual.

”"It's well past the deadline but we haven't confirmed any cases of the Kama Sutra in Japan, which suggests we're not looking at a major outbreak," said Itsuro Nishimoto, an executive at Tokyo-based computer security company LAC Corp.”
Many large businesses were already prepared for this virus and many home users have their virus scanners automatically updating as they should. That's not to say everyone has been unaffected, but as a large whole, people were prepared. This is fantastic, and shows that newer software tools to protect the PC are helping out. It really does pay to stay updated! To those that unfortunately were not prepared, as reported earlier they are already starting to feel the effects of data loss. Unfortunately, that's something Internet users are faced with, and protecting oneself is a neccessity.