AMD and Intel prep for the next line of x86 server CPUs

By Justin Mann on February 7, 2006, 1:23 PM
The epic battle between the two giants continues, as AMD and Intel both prepare to release the next line of Opterons and Xeons for the high-end workstations and servers of the x86 world. Starting with the Tulsa-core Xeon, it will be a dual core CPU operating at 3.4GHz and a behemoth 16MB unified cache, making it one of the fastest dual-core CPUs available. Thankfully, Tulsa also comes along with some energy reduction technologies including putting cache to sleep (which makes up the bulk of the CPU). However, it will still chew up to 150W of power, not as bad as the horror stories we heard late last year, but still far beyond the power consumption of AMDs offerings.

AMDs newer Opterons based on the Pacifica core will be some of the first virtualization-supporting CPUs, and have much lower power needs, below 100W for their fastest designs. AMD will still have only 1MB of independent cache (512KB per core), though cache is less important in the designs of the Opteron. AMD does plan to move to unified cache next year. Neither companies will rest with so many different areas such as Dual Core, power consumption, virtualization and 64-bit computing are set to make big impacts this year.

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PanicX said:
I think I heard my wallet whimper as I read "16MB unified cache".
Cartz said:
16 MB unified cache eh?Man, that makes me laugh, and think back to my first real computer... a 33MHz 286. Makes me think back to that because that old 286 had a 20Mb HD, now there is a processor with a cache with 80% of that capacity. I remember my uncle telling my father that you could run 'all of New York City' on that computer.Today, it couldn't even host their website.Sorry, I didn't mean to drag you all down memory lane with me there. Just thought that it was a funny story I'd share with y'all.
sjps220 said:
There's such tough competition right now with all of the new technology coming out from Intel and AMD. It will be very interesting to see the market share of these two companies after this year. It's tough to mention a new technology from one without mentioning that the other one is working on the same and promising that it will be better. All of this competition can help to get us the best technology possible!
Vaulden said:
The more AMD and Intel duke it out, the better off we as consumers are. I love it! We are seeing more and better products come out from both companies.
MonkeyMan said:
Nice, I think that it will be rather interesting to see these new CPU's in action. I know that they are amazingly fast, and probably load things up instantly, if not close to it. The only thing is, how much is this CPU going to cost?
Need_a_Dell said:
This looks like the turning point into the future of the future. Things like this will propell us to new extremes and beyond. The idea of a 16MB cache sounds too good to be true. There is no doubt that this puppy will tough on the bank balance. If this thing is running inside of a server, than the client computers will benefit as well. This looks promising.
nathanskywalker said:
I thought Intel was going to cross the finish line to virtulization first. Oh well. AND :| 16? I want one. 3.4 ghz? definently. Oh well, just have to wait till that comes down in price. So, AMD takes less power, Intel consumes power. Another aspect proving AMD to be more affordable.[quote]The cache memory can go into sleep and deep sleep modes that can save up to 6 watts of energy consumption[/quote]Right, mabye i'm just tired, but that does not seem like that much energy when the sucker is taking up too 150 watts to run.
Race said:
The more I read about new products from these two, the more impressed I am with what AMD is doing, whether they be server or desktop CPU's. Though Intel is still a beast, it's amazing how far AMD has come in the last 6 years.Their market share and earnings are reflected in their stock, which is up 150% in the last year, while Intel's is down 15%.
PUTALE said:
it's really nice to see how amd can really compete with intel on various front. This will sure drives the price as well as the innovation.
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