YouTube sued over car crash video

By Justin Mann on May 24, 2007, 5:18 PM
YouTube is in hot water again over video content on their site, but this time it has nothing to do with financial loss. The New Jersey Turnpike Authority is claiming that a video which surfaced on YouTube depicting a fatal car crash was stolen and infringes on their copyright. YouTube already moved to pull the video down, but it was immediately put back up by other users:

According to the complaint, the NJTA requested the video's removal from YouTube upon learning of its existence. YouTube complied, but the video had already been copied by other users and remains on the site. "YouTube did not try to prevent the very same video from being uploaded again by users immediately after it was purportedly removed," the complaint reads.
I can fully understand the difficulty in monitoring every single video uploaded, but the NJTA is still upset over the incident and is taking the matter to court. It isn't just YouTube under pressure here, with other companies and people being targeted. Likely, the bigger issue is that the video was stolen more than anything else. The video was posted on other sites as well, such as LiveLeak.

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otester said:
Who the fudge cares? and how can you copyright a car crash video?
Nubie said:
They need to pull the panty wads out of their cracks. What a bunch of whining babies! What the hell good is it going to do to sue YouTube(Google) except for putting $$$$ in their pockets??? It won't stop future thefts. IF that is what they are really upset about.<_<
SJK said:
Yeah they're trying to discourage people from stealing videos. If they really must retaliate then what else can they do but sue? They can't stomp their feet and shout "don't steal our videos... or else!". Or else WHAT? Maybe i'm giving them too much credit. Maybe they ARE just acting like money hungry scum. Either way youtube is going to suffer and it's not their fault. It's the fault of the original thief.
PanicX said:
Often times situations like this are not greed motivated, but politically motivated. NJTA likely has legal reasons to pursue YouTube to show a good faith effort to restrict a leaked video with sensitive content. Since the video is of a fatality accident, there's a level of discretion for the parties involved in the accident that must be observed. By sueing YouTube, its likely they're positioning themselves to not be sued by the individuals involved in the accident itself.
phantasm66 said:
For God sake.Man.I mean, like, WTF?>!>>!#!Society has evolved to the state where we download video footage of car crashes for entertainment.... and someone is worried about the copyright issues.That's the 21st Century down to the ground.Makes you proud to be human, doesn't it!?! ;)
Mictlantecuhtli said:
[b]Originally posted by phantasm66:[/b][quote]Society has evolved to the state where we download video footage of car crashes for entertainment....[/quote]It somehow reminds me of 80's action movies.
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