Intel announces pricing for new chipsets

By Justin Mann on February 29, 2008, 11:27 AM
Intel has announced some information regarding their new 4-series chipsets that are going to be released this year. They have released pricing information for their X48, Q45/Q43, P45, G45/G43 and P43 chipsets, the majority of which are due in the next few months.

The chipsets range in price from $34 at the low end (the P43) to $70 at the high end (the X48). Performance and compatibility of the chipsets varies as well. The priciest of the bunch, the X48, supports a 1600MHz FSB and is the X38's successor. Supposedly, it'll be here within the next couple of weeks. At the lower end, chipsets like the P43 only support 1066Mhz FSB.

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icye said:
It would be nice if Intel would let consumers decide to use Crossfire or SLI. I don't understand why Intel would put AMD's Crossfire on the majority of their latest motherboards and AMD is suing Intel for their way of doing business.
windmill007 said:
Yes I agree. They both should accept Xfire or SLI. I want SLI video and Intel Board but its impossible. Maybe thats the reason .. nvidia knows there video cards rule and if u ever want to run sli u have to buy there mobo. But what if I buy ATI and I want to buy Nforce board? It just isn't going to happen. I think the consumer loses more than the companies gain by having two compeating formats. Well I will just buy a nforce board....Wish they would do some upgrading to match intel.
Julio said:
As far as we are told it's very easy to get Crossfire and SLI support from the same chipset, but without ATI's or Nvidia permission to do so (and their tricks to make it a non-working scenario) it has limited gamers and enthusiasts from getting the most from their systems.In conclusion, I don't think and can almost assure you Intel has nothing to do with the lack of support but the graphics manufacturers.[Edited by Julio on 2008-02-29 20:46:07]
uhatemedoncha said:
Intel is doing it because they need to uphold the illusion of competition. If there is no competition they risk being perceived, called or exposed as a monopoly in the market. As a theoretical monopoly they run the risk of being forced to split themselves into a bunch of smaller companies instead of one large... monopolistic entity. If the only back nVidia in the market who are already the industry leaders this pushes AMD out of the competition and closer to extinction which is bad news for Intel. Who the heck buys intel motherboards for their DIY builds anyway? ATI users maybe but I never have and most likely never will. nVidia does not need microsoft/intel's help. They are already the industry leaders for GPU's and there is no shortage of SLI/nVidia based mobo's out there
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