Nvidia holds 60% of AMD CPU chipset market

By Justin Mann on August 29, 2008, 12:40 PM
Even though AMD is the proud owner of multiple chipset lines, including their original chipsets along with the Radeon line, they actually have a minority share of chipsets for their own platforms. According to recent research, it is actually Nvidia who will be found sharing space with most AMD processors. More than 60%, in fact.

This figure has remained steady despite AMD's chipsets like the AMD 7 series helping them make a comeback, going from 26% to 37% in the past year. The share AMD has won has largely come from SiS and VIA, it seems. It's interesting that one of AMD's biggest competitors is the chipset of choice for their processors. If recent trends are an accurate depiction of how this will change, AMD should gain share pretty quickly.

Not all of that is good. If AMD manages to overtake Nvidia in this market, Nvidia may choose to focus on Intel CPUs. Ultimately that could lead to a vendor lock, with Nvidia being paired only (or largely) with Intel, and AMD relying on their own CPUs, GPUs and chipsets.

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yukka said:
I have a nforce 3 board - an asrock that has an agp slot with ddr2. I was happy with it then I tried to update to Vista. It cant be done - there arent motherboard drivers for the board that allow it to run vista with an ATI card installed (i have a 1950pro). I could run Vista on it if i put a Nvidia agp card in. I will buy a non nvidia board next time.
windmill007 said:
So whats that tell you.... Stay away from Vista... I just upgraded my computer to all next gen. I used a asus Intel p45 chipset and Intel processor and nvidia 260 video card. I weighed all my options and XP still came out on top. The only thing positive I feel I missed was directx10 with vista but with all it's negatives I decided to stay with the tried and true XP.Ya I think intel is the best chipset right now even if you lose out on SLI. I decided I didn't want Dual video cards ever so it didn't make a difference to me.
fullmetalvegan said:
No, it tells you that an old computer can't run new operating systems. If you kept your current motherboard and tried to upgrade to the upcoming Windows 7 it likely wouldn't work either. The same as a 386 computer would likely be unable to run Windows XP. It's perfectly logical really.I built a $300 computer of new hardware for a friend and it runs Vista, so you don't need an expensive system to run it,tis clearly that old hardware isn't capable of running a OS that didn't exist yet, it's not vista's fault at all. It's no ones, technology changes. It's like crying because a video card you bought two years ago won't run Crysis.Honestly people, Vista haters are really starting to get annoying, mostly because of the uneducated, thoughtless opinions put forward. if you actually took the time to think about the situation, instead of jumping on the unelightented bandwagon of propaganda, you'd see the situation makes perfect sense.Seems to me it's actually telling him that NVIDIA is better than ATi cards (=P), or that he shouldn't pick a NVIDIA board if he wants the freedom to run both ATi and NVIDIA cards - it's a point rather unrelated to Vista altogether. But of course, the anti-Vista in you singlemindedy attacked that when it wasn't really the comment he was making.[Edited by fullmetalvegan on 2008-08-30 07:42:56]
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