Microsoft comments on IE8 speed

By Justin Mann on September 10, 2008, 6:41 PM
The recent release of Chrome with its lightning-fast JavaScript execution has led many people to question how other browsers handle processing JavaScript. It's evoked response from many, including Microsoft, who has recently commented on the performance aspect of Internet Explorer 8. Interestingly, they revealed something we all could have guessed – that IE8 has not been designed with execution speed in mind.

That doesn't mean they were admitting it was slow. On the contrary, they said that it was built with responsiveness and feel in mind, claiming that the actual discernible difference between Chrome opening a page and IE8 opening a page would be negligible. That's their own words, of course, and only the real world can actually judge how fast a browser “feels.” They also reminded the world that IE8 is a beta – and performance could improve as it is developed further.

Even though you could infer all of that information without needing to hear it from Microsoft, it is interesting that they would choose to comment on the Chrome browser at all. Perhaps Microsoft is worried about their market share eroding further.

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madams said:
"Built for comfort not for speed." That's the phrase that comes to mind as I read about Microsoft's comment. " is interesting that they would choose to comment on the Chrome browser at all."They must have been getting pressure from the press or beta testers about the speed. Of course, "performance could improve", but I'm guessing they won't get tabs as separate processes before release, a feature which I think has speed benefits built in. Michael
windmill007 said:
HAHA just like Microsoft. I wish there was a power user Microsoft division that built software for speed. That's why us power users are shying away from Microsoft latest offerings.
DarkCobra said:
I agree with the first couple of posters that Microsoft must be at least concerned (if not worried) about Google's Chrome (Beta) browser . . . at least they better be. Chrome has really unique features and is quite fast and will definitely take another decent bite out of the market share away from Microsoft. I'm testing Chrome but I'm waiting to see how their security holds up before I do any online banking or credit card purchases through it. It also won't run certain simple graphic applets for some reason (perhaps a pluggin will address this). I'm still wanting to see a traditional tool bar on it for some reason and it seems naked without it. Perhaps it's just a perception on my part that it needs it because I'm just used to seeing one in IE and Firefox. All-in-all, Microsoft should really be thankful for Firefox and Chrome as they are forcing Microsoft to march faster and harder.
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