Windows 7 beta in October?

By Justin Mann on September 15, 2008, 7:09 PM
How far are we away from a Windows 7 beta? Apparently only a month away. Considering that six years traversed between the release of XP and Vista, that's certainly putting some racing stripes on development and getting it out the door fast. Of course, this is just a rumor. There is some other interesting information on it, such as that the beta itself will be revealed via Microsoft's Professional Developer Conference, as well as a potential release date of Summer 2009.

Last month, Microsoft opened a blog about the development of Windows 7. Two managers for the Windows 7 project have been occasionally updating it with pseudo-information, revealing no particulars about the OS other than generalizations. Windows 7 was rumored to be designed for a much quicker release, which may have been impacted by the reception of Windows Vista.

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DarkCobra said:
Well I'll repeat what I've already said . . . I prefer they get the next operating system "Right" instead of trying to get it out "Right Away". I think they realize Vista has not panned out as well as they hoped. However, it would be a further blunder to rush to market a replacement operating system. I would prefer they take their time and get it "Right". We shall soon see huh?
coords said:
Microsoft has it's feet in some sinking sand, and it's only a matter of time before they go under. The taller they are, the harder they fall?
black_adder said:
Lol, I very much dout MS will be going anywhere anytime soon Coords. Still a multi Billion dollar company.Anyway, Id have to agree with DarkCobra, im very interested to see what 7 will be like, but id rather they just got it right, instead of fast.Still.... another 250 so soon after Vista is gunna be a kick in the wallet
coords said:
black_adder - An Apple an day keeps M$ at bay? TEHE
captain828 said:
last I heard beta 1 is due in December... they post-poned the October release
Julio said:
I wouldn't be surprised to have Windows 7 be a very polished version of Vista that won't hammer PCs as bad because timing will help for more powerful hardware to become commonplace.That's of course just one of a number of important factors that could make or break Windows 7's release. Another big breaking factor for Vista were drivers, but because W7 will share the foundation put forth in Vista, transition is not expected to be nearly as rough.Scrutiny on the upcoming OS will be harsh and Microsoft knows that, so they better work hard on polishing those rough edges.
Julio said:
Forgot to mention/ask (see previous comment)... but will that be enough?I think it might, just because there's not strong enough opposition to the Windows establishment. That said, as the market drives away from the standard desktop PC or even laptops, a bigger challenge raises for MS to stay afloat on such a comfortable position.
black_adder said:
[b]Originally posted by Julio:[/b][quote]...because W7 will share the foundation put forth in Vista, transition is not expected to be nearly as rough[/quote]I though Vista Was a polished version of XP (kind of) And W7 is meant to be a whole new OS?... Kind of
jznomoney said:
Vista was partly based on xp but alot has changed. It has been stated before that windows 7 will use the same kernel base as vista. They have had some time to do some work on windows 7 since vista's release. Just because it isn't out in beta doesn't mean they haven't done any work on it. I myself use vista x64. I haven't had any issues in a long time with it. I use to use xp but it doesn't support over 3gb of ram. x64 is the way to go.
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