Ubuntu has over 8 million users, says Canonical

By Justin Mann on October 28, 2008, 11:42 AM
Another interesting Linux story is in the news today. The success of Ubuntu has spread the distro far and wide in recent years and with the upcoming release of their next version comes promises of spreading it even farther. Current estimates, coming from Canonical, estimate that today there are over 8 million Ubuntu users in the world. That's an impressive number, one that Canonical is not ignoring.

That number is expected to grow with their upcoming Ubuntu 8.10 release, with Canonical believing it will help their desktop side in particular. The continued development of Ubuntu is made possible by the hundreds of developers, both paid and volunteer, who maintain it. Eight million users is an impressive number for how short, relatively, Ubuntu has been around. It also retains their position as the number one choice for Linux distributions worldwide, though we all know that can change.

Depending on what estimate you use, the number of users could represent upwards of 25% of the entire Linux user base worldwide, though accurate statistics for Linux adoption are difficult to come by.

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nirkon said:
Very interesting, that is a huge number, I might also go back to ubuntu some time but, for now XP is where I belong.2 mistakes: "Ubunutu" at the title.and "That's an impressive number, one that [b]is[/b] Canonical is not ignoring. "
windmill007 said:
Ya I really wanted to like it as I was a avid Windows user looking for an alternative and it was ok but still frustrating and I'm a very technical person. No way easy enough for non-technical people. I mean I couldn't just download and install programs like windows. It just seemed like windows 3.1 to me. Plus there are to many flavors out there. Windows is getting to be the same way. Just Home and Business would be enough.
Odyssey said:
I am above average in computer experience, but by no means competent. I think that XP is an excellent user experience, far and away MS's best so far. That is except for the time spent on security related matters. I tried Ubuntu back as far as Ver 5, then 6 but realized it required greater ability than I had. Each problem, and there were lots, were eventually solved with forum help, but it was a challenge compared to using XP.With V7, that begin to change and I could see light at the end of the tunnel. Now with 8.04, I will flat out say that it is easier to use than XP. I have two computers running side by side, one Ubuntu 8.04 and one XP, keeping the latter open in case I hit something I can't handle in Linux . I use the Ubuntu computer pretty much exclusively now. Ubunutu loads in less than 30 seconds ready to browse, compared to several minutes in XP, and closes down in about 15 seconds. Open Office opens in a few seconds compared to a long wait in Windows.The very occasional early (install and configure) challenges were solved quickly with forum help, and now there just don't seem to be any issues. The important thing is that the total time that I have spent solving V8.04 problems is a tiny fraction of the time I spend updating Windows and all of the security holes in XP and the software running on that computer. And I am far safer as well. Linux is industrial strength. Ubunutu compared to Windows is like a garden tractor compared to a walk behind mower.
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