Apple's App Store hits 500 million downloads

By on January 16, 2009, 6:07 PM
Just six months after its launch, and little over a month since breaking the 300 million mark, Apple has announced its amazingly successful App Store has already dished up more than 500 million downloads to iPhone and iPod Touch users. According to the company, the store now features some 15,000 applications and has doubled its average download rate to nearly 5 million per day, up from 2.2 million in early December.

This is a remarkable achievement by any stretch, one that has taken even developers by surprise, who increasingly see the platform as a lucrative opportunity. Take Sebastian Trujillo, for example, a developer that wrote a simple yet clever application called “Fake Calls” with the goal of giving people graceful exits from boring situations – users need only to select the contact they want to receive the call from and set up a timer for the call to come in.

Fake Calls is available for 99 cents and has recently surpassed the 50,000 downloads mark, which means that even after Apple takes their 30 percent cut, Trujillo gets a nice sum for an app that took just a couple of weeks to develop. Like him, there are many others who have found commercial success thanks to the iPhone platform.

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SkateNY said:
Wha a shock. The most popular smart phone in the world has far outpaced anything that anyone could have predicted or imagined. Yet there are still those straining to convince us that this is just a fad, or something that doesn’t represent reality. If nothing else, these people are redefining what it’s like to be psychotic.Everyone is entitled to his own opinion; no one is entitled to his own facts.Fact is, the iPhone/iPod has very much surpassed anything that anyone ever imagined. Novice software developers are now virtual instant millionaires simply by offering something appealing on the app store. When I read things about such people, and when I know that this is factual, I very much tire reading things from people who go out of their way to persuade me that this platform is nothing more than a flash in the pan.So many of you simply need to grow up. And quickly, for your own sake.
windmill007 said:
How easily the masses get brainwashed.....LOL . So nice for a monopoly to "lock" people into there platform. The world would be a hard place without open software. I for one vote with my $$ by not buying into apples one track vision to world domination. I haven't given apple one cent of my $$ nor does a lot of people. Most ..are people who don't know anything but Ipod or Iphone and think they are the only options. I recently went with the Black Berry Storm.. A open platform. I can put my Mp3's on there....I can download open apps free of charge. If I like something I can pay the developer for better access. Sure a Apple world seems nice and cozy buy you need to look behind the mask. There is a world out there without the "I" ...People need to wake up, for your own sake.
complex said:
Both good arguments. I for one can live without $tupid apps like zippo lighter or pint of carling, regardless of what device it's on.
SkateNY said:
@windmill007: As I suggested, so many people are so clueless that they will continue to miss the boat.Good luck with that.
SkateNY said:
Facts are facts. Each of us is entitled to his own opinion; no one is entitled to his own facts.Over 15,000 applications. Each day, $300,000 for Apple in revenue due to app store downloads; more than $700,000 dollars each day in profit for developers. You've been out-voted, and not by a little bit. Go cry somewhere else. Either that, or write an application for the app store, and then retire on your favorite island in the Bahamas.I doubt it will be the latter. You give a very strong impression that you'd much prefer to be right than to be happy. Good luck with that.
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