Verizon trying to bag an iPhone contract?

By on April 27, 2009, 9:37 AM
According to USA Today, Apple and Verizon are discussing a deal which could yank the carpet out from under AT&Tís feet after their iPhone exclusivity contract expires. The current discussions are centered on introducing an iPhone through Verizon by next year, which happens to coincide with the conclusion of AT&Tís current pact. Should the deal come into fruition, and an iPhone is developed for Verizonís CDMA wireless network, Apple would gain access to some 80 million subscribers of the carrier.

Negotiations with Verizon are said to have commenced a few months ago, when Jobs was still holding down the fort in Cupertino, and have continued without his presence. Interestingly, though, about two weeks back it was reported that AT&T was seeking to extend their hold on the iPhone. Any predictions on how this will end?

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Tekkaraiden said:
It all depends on how much AT&T is willing to pay to remain exclusive.
Matthew said:
I can't say I have the math in front of me, nor can I back myself up with any particular business experience - but I would have to guess that AT&T probably can't match the profit that Apple would see if they extended the iPhone to other carriers/networks. Then again, it has been suggested that AT&T is heavily reliant on iPhone sales for their profit, so I guess we'll see.I suppose if Verizon were successful in netting a contract - it may not be one forbidding Apple to carry on with its business elsewhere. That would more than likely result in AT&T losing some fresh contracts, but it's better than nothing.
DarkCobra said:
I doubt Apple has an interest in a CDMA Iphone . . . but once Verizon launches their new LTE platform (ironically next year when also the exclusivity of the AT&T contract ends) Apple will definitely want to migrate over to that platform.Apple has to be tired of being hauled into court left and right by irate end-user over the dismal AT&T 3G footprint. AT&T's commercials tout it as the fastest most widespread 3G network in existence. Yeah right . . . LOL. Verizon's 3G's coverage blows away the AT&T 3G coverage and even the Iphone fanboys at AT&T know it.Steve Jobs is going to see the future expansion of his device with Verizon, as he's gotten all the millage he's going to get out of AT&T. The Iphone is a high horsepower device and Verizon's new LTE platform can really do justice to it and there are indeed many millions of new customers over at Big Red whereas everyone on AT&T that wanted one has already got one.
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