AT&T is reportedly attempting to extend their iPhone pact with Apple for the second time in eight months. Initially having a deal which labeled them as the exclusive carrier of the iPhone until 2008, AT&T sought after and obtained a new deal in August 2008 which extended the partnership through the end of this year, and now they are at it again. This time, they're interested in dragging the agreement out until 2011, preventing Apple from selling the hugely popular smartphone through other carriers.

Although this might cause one to question Apple's strategy at face value; it's not as though they're making out poorly in the situation, having sold 17 million iPhones since its debut. Also, as a part of their last agreement, AT&T agreed to allow iPhone 3G subsidies which have totaled as much as $1.3 billion to date, in exchange for their current 2010 expiration.

Both companies are currently declining comments, but hopefully more information will become available in the coming days.