PS3 to become dominant in three to five years?

By Justin Mann on April 30, 2009, 5:00 PM
The PlayStation 3, for all its glory, is still lagging behind the Xbox 360 in sales. That's not to say it hasn't improved dramatically since introduction. Indeed, the price of the console has dropped several times and game selection is vastly better than it was. Unfortunately, the poor reputation it received during its first year combined with the fact that it still carries a premium over its rivals, means that the PlayStation 3 is taking a long time to catch up.

Just how long will it take to break even? And, once it's there, where does Sony see the PS3 going? David Reeves, the retiring president of Sony Europe, has commented on exactly what Sony's vision is for the pricey console. Apparently, they are prepared to wait three to five years for the PS3 to take the lead in the console market. Reeves believes that the quick catch-up the PS3 went through last year won't slow down, and says the console has enough going for it to last that long.

The time span here is an important consideration. He may be correct, as today the PS2 remains the number one console worldwide more than ten years after it was released. However, hardware improvements come rapidly, and in 1999 Microsoft was not a competitor. In five years, what will Redmond have up their sleeves in terms of console hardware? Nintendo has also proved that they can turn things around quickly, and I doubt that in five years the PS3 will still be facing down the 360 or the Wii. Is five years too long for the PS3 to catch up?

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Zeromus said:
Keep on rolling the PS3's, if it's more abundant then it's bond to be cheaper. Steve jobs and Sony have the same dream, making a house hold have their corresponding products.
Tekkaraiden said:
Guess we'll see if this strategy works.
Deathstar17 said:
3 years maybe...But in 5 years the next gen consoles should be out, so I'm not really buying this story...
BlindObject said:
Err...if Onlive is successful its gonna poop on all consoles. At least I hope so. =)
je29836 said:
in 3 years microshaft will have a new console out and it'll be another POS just like the shitbox 360 is. they'll call it the diarrheabox or something. developers haven't even tapped half the ps3's power yet though so it'll still be a contender.
tengeta said:
Thats ludicrous, they will come up with far more powerful chips down the road that require far less effort to code on. That will be the immediate downfall of the PS3, or quite possibly the release of the PS4.
Michael Schmidt said:
Don't forget that the PS3 has been the top-rated blue-ray player. That's why I have mine. I don't even own a game.
captain828 said:
A Sony CEO said that the Sony PS3, an expensive console in a struggling economy, is going to dominate the market... excuse me?I'm not trying to downplay the PS3, in fact it's a great console, but this is usual CEO BS.
Von RIff said:
well the blu ray vs HD DVD battle has been settled, and Blu Ray even if PS3 doesnt really make it to gamers shelves (which i doubt) PS3 is the best blu ray player around, im not sure if it is the cheapest, but i think it is the cheapest blu ray player out there right (correct me if im wrond), so what more could u ask for? if u dont like playing games then just act as if it gaming is just an extra function given by the good people at SONY (>__<)
9Nails said:
My PC is the least expensive Blu-Ray player at $69 for an add-on drive. And I get tsunami of gaming titles on this compared to the drizzle of PS3 titles.The Exec's 3 - 5 years is a generation in the Console world. The PS2 isn't a sustainable benchmark for each generation of gaming console - it was the right system at the right time. A golden goose at the top of the market. What is going to change in PS3 to make it the next market leader? From what I've heard, they've only stripped features away so far.
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