More Diablo 3 teaser content released

By Justin Mann on May 22, 2009, 8:26 PM
Not much has come out of Blizzard regarding Diablo 3 development lately, with most media focus being on World of Warcraft or StarCraft 2. Still, we can't forget that Blizzard also has another potential blockbuster in the works with the third installment of the Diablo series, and if you're interested in some development updates, a small bit of new content has been released. It's not much, but several new development screenshots have surfaced, in addition to a short trailer featuring one of Diablo's most common characters, The Fallen.

Besides showing off some character animation and screenshots, you also get a taste of what we can expect from Diablo 3's soundtrack. If the animation is generated from the engine itself, which is likely the case, you can see very clearly what sort of in-game artwork to expect as well. Overall this is just a very small tease, and Blizzard has yet to announce any sort of timeline for the game. Still, if past Blizzard games are any indicator, it'll likely be worth the wait.

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Badfinger said:
It's been many years, this game had better be ridiculously fab, I don't know why D3 didn't get made shortly after D2, it was obviously a cash cow, or at least many many expansions for D2, not 1.For me it, it has to beat Titan Quest with it's expansion, the bar is set...
tekkaraiden said:
Probably because they were working on Warcraft 3 and World of Warcraft. On top of they Blizzard didn't actually develop Diablo, Blizzard North did.
nunjabusiness said:
Not to mention the technology for THIS game was not around until recently. Have you even SEEN the gameplay movie? It is quite impressive and guaranteed that I will be buying this game as soon as pre-orders are being taken!
blackshadow2007 said:
When has Blizzard not taken a decade to release a sequel lol? This game should be great though....
Star*Dagger said:
Diablo, one of the greatest PC Gaming franchises of all time.I will be there, first day!!! Going to hell to lay down more smack on Da Devil. At least Xian mythology is good for something!!!
Julio said:
Along with Valve, Blizzard is in that handful of developers that no matter what you must give the benefit of the doubt when they take years to release a new game. Ultimately it's going to be good.
tengeta said:
Not entirely in my opinion. World of Warcraft was made by addictive and repetitive means to just get you hooked, not to actually enjoy or have any fun regardless if you feel you are or not.I have far more hope in Diablo III though, I'll give ya that. As long as the games not going to turn it into some WoW style grind-off, I'll be more than interested.
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