Microsoft provides details about Zune HD

By on May 27, 2009, 8:56 AM
Microsoft has finally officially confirmed the Zune HD’s existence with some hardware specifications and even an estimated time of availability. As it was speculated all along, the device is meant to compete head to head with Apple’s iPod Touch and could arrive this coming fall.

It will feature a 3.3-inch capacitive OLED touch screen with 480x272 resolution, which will offer some kind of multi-touch functionality, HD radio tuner, HD (720p) video-out, the ability to browse the Web and play high-definition movies. The latest Zune will also be the world’s first portable media player to pack HD radio, which provides song and artist info in addition to spruced up sound quality over conventional radio.

The Zune HD’s 720p output will allow users to feed high-def video to their TV via a dock. The company says that its Zune-branded video service will replace the Xbox 360’s current Xbox Live marketplace for TV and movies. More information regarding the Zune’s Xbox integration and presumably other aspects of Microsoft’s latest attempt at an iPod-killer will be available during E3 next week. For now though, it’s nice to have official recognition, some specifications and an idea of when to expect the device.

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BlindObject said:
Waaaaant. I rather have this then Ipoop. It looks more slick and bad ass. =)
tekkaraiden said:
Looks impressive, will just have to see how well it turns out.
supersmashbrada said:
500 usd i bet, im getting one, oh well.
redwallo1 said:
looks nice... probly right on the price if not undershooting a lil... hehi wanna know about the storage media, will they use solid state HDDs? or staying with flash storage?
Sunny87 said:
"It will feature a 3.3-inch capacitive OLED touch screen with 480x272 resolution"Correct me if I'm wrong how is that a 720p HD res?Looks good though might buy one over the ipod depending if the price is good in the UK!
Matthew said:
@Sunny87: From my understanding the device will have 720p video-out. I don't think the article says anything about it having a 720p display.
Julio said:
"HD" has become a figure of speech for these portable players. The outgoing iPods and the so-called HD videos that can be downloaded from iTunes are just another example. Enhanced resolution, indeed, just not actual HD.
Matthew said:
Great point.
bigpygme said:
Actually the article is clear, as Matthew indicates, that this Zune is capable of 720p OUTPUT; it never suggests that its own screen has that resolution. The other place it mentions HD is re: HD radio, which is an interesting feature - i don't know if iThings have that ...
Matthew said:
Apparently Engadget got some shots of the new Zune with Ballmer, if anyone's interested: [url]
er-demos-the-zune-hd-for-engadget/[/url]There's not really any new information, but some real images nevertheless.
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