Laptop Mag praises Apple tech support

By Justin Mann on August 7, 2009, 6:48 PM
For all the things we could criticize Apple about, there are some aspects in which they do excel and deserve some praise. Laptop Magazine found that this is the case with the company’s tech support, recently giving Apple a glowing review when pitting their service up against some of its competitors, including Acer, Asus, Dell, Fujitsu, Gateway, HP, Lenovo, Sony and Toshiba.

Customer support is an important factor to consider when purchasing a new laptop – hardware fails, and when it does, you want the assurance you're going to find help for your problem. Apple’s steady increase in notebook and desktop market share seem to be an indication that many people feel this way and believe the price premium one pays for Mac products is worth it. Laptop Magazine also agrees with this, which is one of the reasons it has labeled Apple number one for 2009 in laptop quality.

How did its competitors fare? Giant Dell was actually rated one of the worst, netting a poor 58% customer satisfaction rating. The rest of the vendors mentioned were all in the “average” range, with none really standing out. Biased review? Honest and accurate? It's your call – if you are interested in top to bottom quality for laptops, though, the annual Tech Support Showdown is a great read.

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Tekkaraiden Tekkaraiden said:

It's about time they backed their superior attitude with superior service.

Rage_3K_Moiz Rage_3K_Moiz, Sith Lord, said:

I think it's the main reason Apple's popular. I've read about companies like HP charging people $380 for replacing an entire laptop keyboard for 3 missing keys. The Apple store fellows just go to the back, pop new ones in, and set you on your way.

Guest said:

There reason apple has come out on top of this survey is, that their customer support is still based in north america.

For others, the downfall has been outsourcing to asian markets in order to save a few pennies.

Tekkaraiden Tekkaraiden said:

I'm sure it's more than just a few pennies.

TJGeezer said:

Seems to me I recall Dell shouldering other companes aside at least partly on the basis of the customer service they provided. Then satisfaction started falling off and now Dell's market position is eroding. Wonder what happened - did Michael Dell put the bean-counters in charge?

SNGX1275 SNGX1275, TS Forces Special, said:

I had to ship my powerbook back to apple once because of a screen frame issue (not the screen itself) that may or may not have been caused by me They arranged for DHL to pick it up from me, overnighted it to their repair place, fixed it, and overnighted it back. I was very impressed.

Kcircyrd said:

Well, bully for them. My luck has never been that good with Apple tech support.

Emin3nce said:


Dell Customer service is like mud wrestling with some old, decrepit women and a really horny polar bear.

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