Adobe has released the finalized version of Flash 10.1 following months of pre-release builds. The browser plug-in's first public beta was pushed out last November, bringing hardware H.264 video acceleration to Windows machines, and most of the changes since then have revolved around that in some fashion whether bug fixes or extending GPU support.

Based on the latest release notes, supported graphics chips include AMD's Radeon HD line, Nvidia's GeForce and Ion products, Intel's integrated GPUs in 4-series and newer chipsets, and Broadcom's Crystal HD video decoders. GPU-accelerated Flash translates to less CPU load and ultimately lower power consumption, which is important on mobile hardware.

Windows users can grab the 2.45MB plug-in here (watch out for the optional "Free McAfee Security Scan Plus"). Flash 10.1 for Mac OS X (dubbed Gala) is still in development, but you can still download a release candidate.