Reuters: iPhone 5 production in July, ships in September

By on April 20, 2011, 8:30 AM
Since first announcing the iPhone in 2007 Apple has always released a new version of the popular smartphone in June each year. Recent rumors suggested that wouldn't be the case in 2011, though, and now a fresh report from Reuters citing "three people with direct knowledge of the company's supply chain" appears to reinforce that notion.

According to said sources, factories will begin iPhone 5 production in July at the earliest with a release slated for September. Apple's next-generation smartphone will reportedly have a faster processor but otherwise have a similar appearance to the iPhone 4. There was no mention of the rumored larger screen or 8MP camera from Sony.

This September shipping date rumor contradicts earlier ones that the iPhone 5 would only begin production in that month. As TUAW notes, the Reuters report would make more sense given that Apple is apparently focusing WWDC solely on software this year to show the future of Mac OS X and iOS. The company could hold off introducing its next-generation iPhone 5 until fall when iOS 5 should be ready.

It remains to be seen if the iPhone 5 -- or whatever Apple ends up calling it -- will be released on AT&T and Verizon simultaneously. This will be the first new iPhone launch since the exclusivity contract with the former carrier expired.

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Arris Arris said:

Apple.. charging everything(or at least quite a lot for apple fanbois to upgrade to what will most likely be a very, very slightly different handset), again.

LNCPapa LNCPapa said:

Love the Samsung poke there.

Jos Jos said:

Love the Samsung poke there.

My very basic Photoshop skills at work

LinkedKube LinkedKube, TechSpot Project Baby, said:

Wait, what. Iphone 5. Man they sure are milking the teets.

Guest said:

@supersmashbrada - and those teets are now chafed, drooping and only producing weak milk.

ramonsterns said:

Guest said:

@supersmashbrada - and those teets are now chafed, drooping and only producing weak milk.

Are you implying they ever looked different? Apple products have always been subpar and overpriced.

Guest said:

you know, i'm tired of everyone bashing apple. they have it down!! the company is pure platinum. they make CRAP and people still stand in line to buy it! they make a phone with a screen that cracks if you look at it wrong and an ant. problem that does not allow you to HOLD the phone a certain way and people line up to buy it. they make a tablet that will do half what the other tablets will do and overheats constantly and people line up to buy it. now they make another phone....NO different from the last one they made except that the company simply changes the number after the model and people WILL line up to buy it. Instead of flaming the company, bloggers around the internet should be flaming the simple (and i do mean simple) folk that line up to pay insane amounts of money for garbage!

gwailo247, TechSpot Chancellor, said:

LOL, so they're sticking to their one year cycle, with the added one year cycle, offset six months later, of a white phone.

I do feel sorry for the Apple users, Guest. In order to keep up with the cool kids you now have to buy 1 tablet and 1 phone per year. That's about a grand a year. Meanwhile Microsoft users are complaining about having to buy a $200 OS once every three years. Buck up guys!

We'll no doubt soon see a far reaching apparel line, children's toys, and a Happy Meal, er Halcyon Repast, tie in with Ruth's Chris.

Deaddunya said:

Looks like apple are falling behind. Samsung and LG have already got out 2 gig processor phones.

bushwhacker, TechSpot Chancellor, said:

I can totally see this:

Will Blackberry Playbook 2 be able to outsold/Outperforms Ipad 3? What about squashing the Iphone 5 for Blackberry Torch 2 ?

And the generations between Blackberry and Apple goes on....

Guest said:

Awesome new background for the Iphone S....... I mean 5 :)

Guest said:

Not everyone is tech-savvy and can easily operate an Android on Symbian touch phone. Menus upon menus of options and twiks, a home button, a back button, search button, options button... Did I miss anything?

So I gave my mom an iPhone and I said "mom, there is only one button. you want to go back? you want to try something else? press it, that's it!"

Now she has something she can actually use.

That's their genius, the fact that it's crappy :)

BTW- I love my N1 and Nokia E71 :)

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